Fort Stockton resident driving donations to Louisiana

Fort Stockton resident driving donations to Louisiana

It's about an 11 hour drive from Fort Stockton to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, Tanna Wheeler of Fort Stockton says she's prepared to take the trip, if it means she'll get to help those in need and even if that means she'll have to do it alone.

Wheeler says that recently, she hadn't been feeling herself and one morning she woke up praying, asking for help.

"I woke up Friday morning and said, "Okay God, what do you want me to do?" And instantly, Louisiana needs stuff, go do it," said Wheeler.

She then said she began to call local media and donation organizations, but no one seemed to know where she could take physical donations such as clothes or supplies, only financial ones.

Wheeler says that's when she decided to take it into her own hands.

"Nobody was taking donations except for money," said Wheeler. "Well I don't have any money but I have things, clothes and stuff like that. And I've got enough faith in god that I'll gather this stuff up and one way or another he'll get me there."

Although Wheeler herself is going through a lot, including a move to Midland, she said helping people is her passion, and is how she is getting through the times.

"I'm not focusing on myself right now," said Wheeler. "I took the burden of poor, pitiful me off of me because I seem to thrive when I help people. So God will take care of me, as long as I do what he asks."

She said she received some of her first donations tonight and when she looked there were diapers, canned goods and more in bags she had yet to open.

For those not in the area immediately near her, she said she'll be in Midland on Monday and can pick up some items to take back home, or try to find someone willing to hold the items until she leaves for Louisiana.

She said she will be looking to leave within the next ten to 14 days. If you want to help her get there, or even ride with her, you can contact her at the number, (432) 290-5424 or at her email,

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