Hobbs family trying to scrape together what they can after devastating fire

Hobbs family trying to scrape together what they can after devastating fire

HOBBS, NM (KWES) - One minute Susan Morrow was attempting to cook steaks on the grill her husband had made himself. The next, she was trying to put out a fire that was threatening to take out everything they owned.

It began when she tried to light the wood in her grill.

When she put the gas can down and lit the fire, the trail of gas led back to the tank she had just used, starting the fire. She said she then kicked the can as a reaction, which sent it flying into her home, where she would then attempt to put it out by shoveling dirt onto the fire.

That's when she began to yell fire, getting the attention of their friend and house mate Marry Graham first, then their neighbor just before her husband Charles Morrow woke up to help.

"I was asleep in bed and woke up to screams for me to come out in the yard," said Charles. "When I came out in the yard, this whole side of the house was on fire and it escalated so fast by the time the fire department got here, it was ablaze."

Charles estimated the fire reached between 30 to 35 feet, and said the smell of smoke was still lingering for the next day or so. He also says the department took about half an hour to reach his home, and by the time they arrived, it was almost too late for all of their stuff, except for about a truck load.

Luckily, their two cats were able to get out of the home quick enough to survive.  Their dog, that they rescued a few years ago, wasn't as lucky, though.

"He usually stays right here by the house," Morrow said. "So we pretty well knew it wasn't going to be good. It was the hardest thing to do, the police almost couldn't even hold us back to find out if he was in here."

Today as they woke up from the second night in a row of sleeping in their truck, they learned they might get to sleep in a real bed, if only for one night.

The American Red Cross gave the three enough money to rent out a hotel room for at least a night, something Charles said he didn't know happened for individual situations like theirs.

"It was pretty emotional," Morrow said. "I mean nobody really helps people out anymore. But it was good."

Charles and Susan said though they will look to see if there is a way to stay in Hobbs, it's likely this may be the way they get out of the town they say they spent their whole life in.

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