Man charged after pretending to be a firefighter

Man charged after pretending to be a firefighter
Esteban Pando (Source: Odessa Police Department)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Odessa police charged Estaban Pando for impersonating a public servant and for stealing.

Pando was arrested after being accused of stealing a Midland Fire Department Chevrolet 3500 squad truck, which happened on August 1.

The truck, which was later located, had a significant amount of damage.

It's believed that after Pando stole the truck, he went to the west side Walmart in Odessa, wearing a yellow firefighter vest to steal over $700 of merchandise and an employee's cell phone.

Right after the theft, Pando got inside of the squad truck, turned on the lights and sirens and sped away.

According to witnesses, they said they believed Pando was a firefighter because of the apparel he was wearing and the fire truck he was driving.

Investigations revealed the truck that Pando was driving is the same truck a suspect used when they robbed the Flying J Truck stop.

Estaban Pando is believed to be the suspect in all of these crimes.

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