ECISD changing the way students learn

ECISD changing the way students learn

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The way the Ector County Independent School District planned to make learning more fun was by launching a new initiative called PICK Education on Thursday.

The new plan will help students deal with more practical issues in science and collaborating with other students from here in Odessa and Ector County throughout the state and US.

Jason Osborne, Chief Innovation Officer for ECISD said "Humans are very curious; we are curious throughout our whole life. Why do we want to change that in education?"

Osborne was hired in July with a background in science, engineering and education has been featured on the likes of the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. He said growing up he found learning boring until something required him to get his hands dirty.

"What I'd like to see and do here is through my life experiences and connections is to bring them to ECISD and let the kids see what's available to them," said Osborne.

Osborne has already hit the ground running; this year three projects are in the works:

First, is called "Sharkfinder", students will dig through a 19-million-year old matrix where they could find a fossil and which could get published by the University of Maryland.

Next, is a project called "Backyard Brains", middle school and later high school students along with students from Odessa College will be able to learn about electrophysiology with Dr. Greg Gage a TED Talk participant.

Third, is called "Project Brain Stem", High school students will get to study the anatomy and function of the brain of a fruit fly. Here students will get the chance to share results with scientists in Washington D.C.

The school year is only a few days away members of ECISD are looking forward to changing the way students can learn.

Carolyn Gonzalez Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for ECISD said, "We truly believe bringing real life to the curriculum is the only way our students retain, take, and move the information forward."

Superintendent Tom Crowe explained PICK Education as, pick a problem to solve, pick a project to design, pick education.

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