PBYFL Talks About Helmet Recall

PBYFL Talks About Helmet Recall

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - With high school football, right around the corner, a major sports company has announced they are recalling thousands of football helmets. Parents will want to know if this is a helmet their child could be using?

Xenith is voluntarily recalling six thousand of its helmets, including youth football helmets. They have a gloss or metallic-painted polycarbonate shell. They were sold or factory reconditioned between May first of last year and March 18, of 2016. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission says the helmets can crack and cause serious head injury. We caught up with Randy Adams with the Permian Basin Youth Football League to see talk about the severity of the recall.

"It is a very serious threat, of course football is a very hard, contact sport. Concussions are really relevant in that sport,so that's what the helmets are for. They protect you, but if you have any damage to the helmet, a crack, that is going to increase that risk. Also can have punctures in the head or anything else that can cause a head trauma," Adams explained.

We reached out to local high school and college football teams about the helmet recall. MISD and UTPB say they don't use Xenith helmets. ECISD has not responded. Xenith says no injuries have been reported. For a complete list of serial numbers of recalled helmets, go to http://xenith.com/recall.

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