Teachers prepare for back-to-school

Teachers prepare for back-to-school

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Children aren't the only ones who may experience back-to-school jitters, even teachers fresh out of college get a little nervous.

To help with that, several local schools are preparing for Meet the Teacher.

Travis Elementary in Midland is among those.

Monica Baeza, Principal at Travis, says the past two weeks have been fast and furious as teachers prepare to make sure everything is ready to go for students. However, Baeza has made sure teachers have time for team-building with their colleagues.

"Something different this year that we've been doing, is trying to build a really good culture here at Travis," Baeza said. "We have a lot of new teachers on campus. We want them to feel welcome and have a good community within their grade level as well as the whole campus."

Iris Flores, 21, just graduated college in May and is ready to take on the school year. She says she has dreamed about this since she was just a little girl.

"My mom always had to buy me a whiteboard and my toys were my students," Flores said. "Now, I actually have real students."

Flores said her favorite teacher growing up was her fourth grade teacher, which is why she decided to teach at the fourth grade level.

"I'm very excited," Flores said. "I've waited for this day since I was a little girl and now I finally get to meet my students and I know they all have dreams of being in my same spot. I'm here to tell them it's possible."

School officially starts Monday, August 22.

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