American Red Cross in Midland sending help to Louisiana

American Red Cross in Midland sending help to Louisiana

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - In order for the American Red Cross to send out volunteers to any disaster, they rely solely on the donations of the community.

The red cross is constantly in need of donations and generosity from the public especially when disasters never let up and are constantly happening across the world.

Even though Baton Rouge, Louisiana is far, there are still ways to help here locally.

"We're always looking for volunteer support, especially here in Midland," said Alex Villa, Regional Chief Operating Officer. "While you may not be able to support Louisiana right away, we expect more disasters to happen. That's not a matter of if, but when the next one happens so we definitely need volunteer support here locally. From supporting home fires, to hurricanes, to flooding. We always need volunteer support as well as your financial support."

One volunteer has been volunteering with the red cross for four years and decided after retirement, it was the right thing to do with his free time.

He will be leaving for Louisiana early next week.

"When you go out there to a disaster and you realize whats going on, it really hits you hard," Adan Mediano said. "I have a couple of my buddies over there right now that were with me in Houston and Houston was bad and they say Louisiana at the time is really, really bad so they need a lot of help."

He says he will either be assigned to help serve food to the people or drive the emergency vehicle to deliver food to shelters.

There's six easy ways you can donate, you can find out how by going to

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