Big Spring brings back committee to help achieve 'no kill shelter'

Big Spring brings back committee to help achieve 'no kill shelter'

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The city of Big Spring wants to make sure their animal control shelter becomes a no kill shelter.

To do that, they want to bring back a special committee that hasn't been around for nearly a decade.

The city of Big Spring said bringing back the Animal Rescue and Adoption Committee has been in planning, Mayor Larry McLellan said he's made it a priority the last three months and wants to start forming the committee as soon as possible.

"With the passion that they have for the animals, when they put that to work Big Spring is going to be at a different level than we've ever been and this is great news for our community," said McLellan.

Qualifications for committee members include residing in Howard County, having an interest in animals, experience with animals, willingness to become familiar with state statutes regarding animals and advanced knowledge or license in veterinarian medicine.

During Tuesday night's meeting regarding the committee, many community members expressed their concerns with Big Spring's shelter and hope the committee will serve as a voice for the welfare of animals.

"I'm really looking forward to the formation of the committee and I'm looking forward to the improvements and all the changes that we'll be able to get taken care of," said Alison Herm with Relocation Rescue.

The majority of those who attended the meeting expressed interest in being part of the board.

Those interested have until September 23rd to apply.

The city said they hope the committee will help the shelter become no kill and promote spay and neuter programs.

"I think this committee could do something that will make everyone in this city proud and they do have a passion," said McLellan.

"I appreciate that the city is taking the steps and hearing and listening to us to move forward towards something," said Herm.

The first reading of the committee will take place at the next city council meeting, after the second reading the committee will become official. McLellan said he expects the committee to be formed in about 6 weeks.

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