Owner of stabbed Odessa dog wants his side heard

Owner of stabbed Odessa dog wants his side heard

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Doyle Burnett, the man who stabbed a neighbors dog for what he says is the right reasons, recently told his side of the story. Now, we were able to meet with the owner of the dog who was stabbed, who says the story that was told, isn't entirely truthful.

Junior, owner of the dog "Bully Rig,"  says he doesn't want people to feel Burnett wasn't in the wrong and that his dog was some sort of monster.

"It's very inconsiderate," said Junior. "You know, I have two small children here. What if he would've came into my house, try to fight me or cut me and my wife and my kids are right here?"

Junior said after his dog Bully Rig and his neighbors dog Sam-Sam got in a fight recently, he didn't know the neighbors dog had died until a few days later. When he spoke with Burnett and Tammy Todd, he says every thing seemed fine, until a few nights later when  Burnett showed up in his yard with a knife.

Before he knew it, Burnett was calling for his dogs life and calling Junior a bad owner and that's where Junior is drawing the line.

"I've never had any problems with this guy," said Junior. "We've lived next to each other and he's helped me out, I've helped him out. He's come and used my water hose, he's fed my dog before and for him to turn around and say my dog is vicious and bad, when he's come over and pet my dog and fed him and stuff, it's ridiculous. I don't understand why he'd even go that route."

Junior said the dog, which he's had for two to three years, is up to date on all of his shots, kept fed and watered as well as plays well with the two children he has. The only time he experiences problems with Bully rig is when other dogs, stray or not, antagonize him or get into his yard.

He also said that despite a Texas statute that says Burnett may have been legally right to do so, he doesn't believe that and will continue to fight for what he thinks is right.

"How would you like it if this man approached your yard, threatening your family and kids," said Junior. "I'm sorry for the dog, I understand, I love my dog. But it does not give him a right. Here in America we do have a legal system, we do have a justice system where you do have an opportunity to get your side of the story straight."

Junior says though his dog needed some stitches and X-rays, he should be home soon, which only makes him worry for the safety of his two kids and pregnant wife.

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