Man speaks out after police say he stabbed neighbors dog

Man speaks out after police say he stabbed neighbors dog

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Police arrested Doyle Burnett on Thursday after being called on a complaint of him stabbing a dog. Now, a few days later, Burnett wants his side of the story told. After he was arrested, his friend Tammy Todd began to notice a trend, half the story was missing.

"They were making him look like he was some crazy person," Todd said. "They didn't know, no body knew but no body bothered telling her neither, you know."

Now out of jail and trying to find the money to pay for the legal process, Burnett is also trying to clear up his side of the story. The side he says begins when he and Todd had to bury their dog because of what Burnett says is "a bad owner."

Burnett says that recently, his dog "Sam-Sam" was attacked by his neighbors pit bull, the same one he stabbed on Thursday night. Then, on Thursday, after Burnett's neighbor brought the dog that has attacked his and multiple other dogs back to the neighborhood, Burnett took it into his own hands.

"I told him to get rid of that dog. I'm not letting that dog kill another one of my dogs," Burnett said. "Police, no body did nothing about it so I went over there and took care of it. I said I'm not having it, that dog's not going to kill another one of my dogs. I'll protect and defend my dogs just like I will my family. My dogs are pets, they're not pit bulls. He leaves that dog on a chain, they don't play with it, they don't do nothing. He's just a bad owner, he don't deserve to have a dog."

When asked if he regrets the decision to go across the street that night, he says he wishes he didn't have to, but he doesn't regret protecting his family.

"This is America, you have the right to defend yours," said Burnett. "And that's what I was doing, defending mine. That's the third time that dog has beat up and killed my dogs. I said if ain't no body going to do nothing about it, I'll do it myself."

News West 9 was in the neighborhood for a few hours and attempted knocking on the door of the pit bulls owner but were unable to reach him.

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