Gearing up for Game Time: Midland Trinity Chargers

Gearing up for Game Time: Midland Trinity Chargers

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We are gearing up for Game Time. The Midland Trinity Charges have a target on their backs, after making it to the state finals last year.

Head coach Antwan Alexander says, that type of success is a good thing. You just have to adjust and apply what you learned, in the off season. With a handful of kids coming back, Alexander and his coaching staff are hoping to develop the team to be more, than one dimensional players. He's looking at senior middle linebacker Christopher Picciano and Junior, wide receiver Logan Ramsey to help lead them to another trip to state.

"There's a lot of pressure is on us.  A lot of people anticipate we have the same type of run.  This year is a new year.  Things are changing and we have different types of players," said Coach Alexander.

According to Picciano, "It's fun to have the recognition.  Coach always tells us all that stuff was last year's team.  We have our own expectations."

"We're going to bring a lot of fundamentals to the table.  We're really working with our big guys on the line.  We're going to have a lot good blocking this year.  We're just going to run the ball," added Ramsey.

Coach Alexander concluded, "This team, that I have this year, there's a lot of verbal leadership, this year.  Where last year, leadership was more quiet and they were more doers."

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