New hospital with new equipment opens in Andrews

New hospital with new equipment opens in Andrews
The hospital received a new MRI machine, one of a kind in West Texas. (Source: KWES)
The hospital received a new MRI machine, one of a kind in West Texas. (Source: KWES)

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - The Permian Regional Medical Center in Andrews opens its doors to their staff and the community on Friday.

The new and improved facility is a $59.6 million project.

"We had big shoes to fill," said PRMC CEO Russell Tippen. "This is a building that will meet the health care needs of this facility for a long time."

Tippen and the hospital's Board of Directors helped pass the bond issue which made the new building a success. Medical staff said the new building will continue the practice of the best medical care and enhance their services using up to date technology.

"We have access to better equipment," said PRMC family physician Rahul Puri. "It's surprising because a lot of people may not know that. I'm hoping to use all of the new stuff."

Ken Cox, Director of Imaging Services, said the new equipment like their new MRI machine is one of a kind in West Texas.

"We're really excited about our new MRI machine," said Cox. "This is state of the art and its one of the best that Siemens provides to its customers."

The machine includes mood lighting and quiet suite to calm patients during scans.

"It offers patients less noise when you're going through any of your scans," said Siemens Account Executive Jordan Abed. "So you don't hear the loud noise like you hear in most MRI's."

One retired general surgeon who worked at the hospital for 40 years said this is a new chapter for the staff and patients.

"The work was totally different than it is today," said former PRMC general surgeon Dr. Natver Jariwala. "It's so much automated and we did a lot of things with our hands. In 20 years, they won't even need doctors. You just go to the machine and they'll take care of you."

The hospital is still in the process of moving everything over from their old building to the new facility. They will be seeing their first patient next Friday.

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