Gearing up for Game Time: Seminole Indians

Gearing up for Game Time: Seminole Indians

SEMINOLE, TX (KWES) - We've made it to the middle of the week and that means more, Gearing up for Game Time. For this edition, we traveled to District 2-4A with the Seminole Indians. They have 10 returning starters on offense and nine on defense. They're looking to recover from a disappointing end to last season.

Helping them rebound is starting QB, Sr., Brett Hicks. He's coming back from a collar bone injury that put him out of commission during district play last year.  Another Indian to keep an eye on is Jr., running back Aron Dominguez. He'll also see some playing time on defense. Head coach Kent Jackson says the key to success is giving your best and improving each day.

He said a bad season in football is like cotton farming, you get to start over fresh, next year.  "Man alive, we've seen great growth this Spring and Summer and these kids have really developed and fought through a tough deal, last year. They couldn't wait to get back out here and we couldn't either. We're really excited and feel very blessed to have a new start to the new year and I'm glad to be a part of this deal."

"I'm real motivated, knowing I missed district. But, I'm real excited to be back and help the team out. So, It'll be a good year," commented Hicks

"We were a real young team, last year. This year we're expecting way bigger things than we did last year and, hopefully, a winning record," Dominguez added.

Coach Hicks says, "They say, about character, it's not made in a crisis, it's revealed. I hope that what we went through, last year, is going to reveal what they really are. I think they are going to stand up, this year, and make some big statements about what they are."

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