Odessa set to change local large truck routes

Odessa set to change local large truck routes
City of Odessa logo (Source: City of Odessa)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - In an effort to ease congestion in downtown Odessa, the city will restrict large truck traffic on some streets.

Unless it has a destination, large trucks will no longer be allowed in the downtown area beginning August 29.

The city hopes to not only help alleviate traffic problems but also prolong the structural integrity of the roads as well as provide safer areas for pedestrians.

The ordinance prohibits large trucks on Andrews Highway between 2nd St. and 42nd St. as well as on Kermit Highway between Andrews Highway and County Road West.

Streets where the large trucks are allowed are:

• County Road West
• Andrews Highway (Highway 385) north of 42nd Street (Highway 191) and south of 2nd St.
• Grandview Ave.
• 42nd St. (Highway 191)
• Kermit Highway (Spur 450) west of County Road West

Designated routes for trucks carrying hazardous material are Loop 338 and Interstate 20.

To see a map of the routes, click here.

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