Multimillion dollar chili plant opening in Presidio starts construction

Multimillion dollar chili plant opening in Presidio starts construction

PRESIDIO, TX (KWES) - The city of Presidio continues to look for growth opportunities including their economy. A multi-million dollar project will bring new jobs to the city.

For years, the Biad Chili Company wanted to open a plant in Presidio. Without natural gas they couldn't, now that Presidio has that resource the $3-$4 million project is under construction.

Biad Chili Company is a family business that's locally owned in New Mexico, they distribute their products nationwide.

Currently, there are three locations. The fourth is scheduled to open in next year in Presidio.

"We get the product in from Ojinaga and currently the growing is delivering to Las Cruces Valley or San Simon Valley in Arizona. We want to be where the raw material is," said Don Biad, Managing Partner in Presidio with Biad Chili Company.

The lack of natural gas stopped Biad Chili from opening this plant sooner as the natural gas is used to dry out the peppers.

The plant will bring about 40 jobs each fall and four to six permanent positions year-round.

The City of Presidio said they're already seeing an economic advantage from just construction starting.

"By their presence here, the phone has been ringing and people are asking to locate here," said Brad Newton, Executive Director of Presidio Municipal Development District. "It's good for local restaurants, trailer parks and hotels. Even the laundromats."

The company said they had back-up locations in mind but are excited Presidio worked out.

"Now that Presidio has natural gas, we have the natural gas coming, we have the local supply of labor and then we have access to the raw material. Now it's an ideal fit," said Biad.

The chili plant will be about 12 miles west of Presidio along FM 170. Biad Chili said they hope to finish construction early next year, in order to install machinery and have the plant opened on time for the fall chili crop.

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