Odessa athlete takes on the world

Odessa athlete takes on the world

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The eyes of thee world are on Rio.  But, one West Texas athlete has her eyes on South Korea.

This talented Odessa High school grad, not only excels in girl's softball, she can hold her own on a baseball field, too.

To say 23 year old Mia Hignojos can hold her own would be an uanderstatement.  She earned a spot on the USA Women's National Baseball Team.  Soon, she'll be battling it out for a chance to play in the World Cup in South Korea.

She can throw.  She can catch.  And she can hit.

Mia Hignojos is a phenom on the diamond.  Her love of the game, is hereditary.

"I grew up in a sports environment, having two older brothers.  I went to their tournaments, their tryouts, their practices. That's all I've ever known," said Mia.

Mia graduated from Odessa High in 2011 and excelled in softball.  She took her talents to the University of New Mexico and played there until graduation.  But, she wasn't ready to hang up her cleats, just yet.

"I am, actually going into my second trial for the USA Women's National Baseball Team," she explained.

You heard right.  She said, baseball.

Mia went on to say, "I feel like I've done it all my life.  I've competed against my brothers.  We've always had this joke, who is the most athletic."

Mia heard about open tryouts for the USA Women's Baseball Team, filled out her forms and got a shot.  She missed making the 40-man roster by one spot.  She was first alternate.  Then, fate intervened.

"I finally got the call, about three weeks ago, saying that a spot had opened up and they were calling up their alternate.  I was excited.  I was ecstatic," she recalled.

The next item on her to do list, make it to South Korea for the World Cup.

"Getting the call like that, to represent, not only the United States, but Odessa.  Being a local, here, it's great," said Mia, proudly.

Mia is all heart, on and off the field.  Win or lose, her positive attitude is infectious.

"When I do make it, I'll stay in Cal State.  Then, on the 31st, I'll fly out to South Korea," she added.

Through it all, Mia has kept one thing in mind, as motivation.

"If I want to go out and do something and achieve something, I have to set a goal.  I have to go day by day, making steps toward that goal.  I think that is exactly what I have been doing.  I've got to remind myself, regardless of the outcome, I am who I am and I did everything that I could and I left it out on the field," she concluded.

Mia heads to Fullerton, California, August 22nd, for her trials, which go through the 25th.  We certainly wish her the best of luck.  We'll be in touch with her and her family to find out how she did.

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