Gearing up for Game Time: Midland Lee Rebels

The theme for Midland Lee Rebels Football is ..."New". A new coach, new offense, new expectations. Clint Hartman will start his first year as the rebels head coach. His team has some of the same players but a different philosophy.

Hartman says. "Our philosophy's to get better everyday, to win the day, we've always said to win special teams, be great on defense, and that sets you up to be successful on offense. But we want to be a fundamental sound team that cares about each other."

Sama J Davis returns as the rebels starting quarterback. He will lead the teams new spread offense.

Davis says "I'm getting more comfortable in the offense, the spring football game really helped me out, yeah we're making pretty good adjustments toward the offense."

Several players have already bought into the new system.

Strong safety Michael Parada says "When I first met him, I just instantly knew that this guy was gonna be the guy to turn around the program. He just came out and had a great relationship with me and the guys and the whole football team excepted him and I love Coach Hartman and believe in the process."

Sama J Davis agrees "Hartman, he really brought a vision back to the school and we're just trying to play out hard for our brothers and just show out this season. "

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