Former Odessa missionary sentenced for illicit sexual conduct

Former Odessa missionary sentenced for illicit sexual conduct
Gerald Campbell (Source: KWES)
Gerald Campbell (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A former Odessa missionary was sentenced Tuesday morning in federal court after pleading guilty back in May to one charge of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place.

Gerald Campbell, 66, of Odessa accepted a plea deal that included 25 years behind bars and an order to pay $40,000 in restitution. 25 years was the maximum sentence that could be imposed.

As a part of the deal Campbell will be on supervised release after serving the 25 years.

Judge Robert Junell recommended he serve time in the Federal Correctional Institution in Elton, Ohio where they have a specialized sex offender program.

"He is remorseful and seeks forgiveness for what he's done," said Campbell's attorney, Michael King. 
[endif]As part of the guilty plea agreement Campbell admitted to engaging in sexual acts with orphans living at the Victory Christian Children's Home in Malawi from 1997 to 2009.

Campbell admitted to using his position as orphanage manager to lure the orphans into his house in Malawi to sexually abuse them.

During the sentencing Campbell told the court he took full responsibility for what he had done. He said at that time he was living two lives, the life of a hypocrite.

Campbell's attorney said Campbell is ready to serve his sentence.

"The case has obviously been a long case and it's been going on a while, the allegations have even gone on even longer and I think that all the parties that are involved are thankful that there's a resolution and are ready to move forward," said King.

Authorities also said Campbell admitted he knew what he did was wrong and nobody would believe the minors if they reported the abuse.

He also admitted that sent money to the minors to keep them from reporting the abuse.

Campbell's family was not present at the sentencing but King tells us they have remained supportive throughout the case.

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