Presidio port of entry project underway

Presidio port of entry project underway

PRESIDIO, TX (KWES) - Presidio officials said they want to find a way to stop being what they call.. the "forgotten" city, in order to do so they're looking for ways to re-build their economy.

The renovated port of entry is Presidio's big project right now. The city of Presidio said it's been under discussion, now it's finally happening.
Presidio currently has only one bridge with two way traffic, officials said this causes a headache for drivers during the busy times and are ready to start construction on the new port of entry.

"For the city of Presidio it's an economic advantage," said Marco Baeza, City Administrator for Presidio. "Currently our commercial traffic, we have problems with it, we have concerns with it."

The city of Presidio said the problem is there's not enough traffic. The current bridge has two way traffic, that's why tourist are choosing different routes such as St. Teresa and El Paso.

The new bridge will accommodate southbound traffic and the current route will be for northbound traffic only. The city said they're preparing for the holidays, that's when they see the most traffic.

"For the last couple of years it's been a big concern, at one point we had traffic that was backed up for miles," said Baeza. "In the last few years the city has come out and offered water to the motorists, we have come out and put portable bathrooms out."

The city of Presidio has opened up a visitor's center. This center accommodates tourists waiting in line for a visa. They are now able to check in and grab something to eat or drink. Their spots in line are secured, while they're indoors.

The city said they've already seen an economic advantage from the center.
Construction for the new port of entry is expected to start soon, the city hopes the project will be done in about two years.

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