Midland County commissioners discuss tax rate hike

Midland County commissioners discuss tax rate hike

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - On Monday morning, Midland County commissioners discussed the budget for the coming year, which includes a new property rate.

"We are not increasing our tax rate by definition of the state of Texas," said County Judge Mike Bradford.

Instead, the county will be operating at the effective tax rate, which means they will be taxing property owners a rate which produces the same amount of money as the previous year.

The current tax rate for Midland County is .140811 per $100. To make the same amount in revenue, the new rate will go up to 0.15992. Bradford says there are some risks with the effective rate.

"You could see sales taxes just plummet through the floor. That's why you see the budget you see. If something like that would happen, we are in the position to have the reserves to tend to that," said Bradford.
 Bradford says the county has done a good job at saving excess money made from sales taxes that could be used in an emergency.

"My colleagues have just been relentless in saving that money and not spending it. Now's the time when you use that money to do what you need to do," said Bradford.

At the August 22 commissioner's court meeting, the public can voice their concerns. Department heads will also come together to talk about if more or less money is needed in the budget.

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