Midland's "King" Arthur Bennett's message for his attackers

Midland's "King" Arthur Bennett's message for his attackers

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Despite being broken physically, Arthur Bennett is doing his best to display that no amount of broken bones or bruises can keep his spirit broken for long.

Arthur Bennett, known as "King" Arthur was beaten only two and a half weeks ago. At one point, his friends were not sure he would make it out of the hospital as his four broken ribs and numerous bruises were seemingly taking a toll on his body.

But he made it, and was able to speak these words in his first time back at his church, Church under the bridge in Midland.

"Listen up, the king is back," Bennett said. "He ain't going to die. He ain't going to die. He's right here."

Although his ribs are still broken and he has to use a cane to walk now, his pastor, Evan Rogers, says the man's personality has completely comeback, filling a hole that had begun to settle at their services.

"To know there for a few nights that he might not make it through the night and now to see him out there worshiping, drinking his coffee, cracking jokes," Rogers. "Him being a part of the worship service means a whole lot. Because whether it's Arthur, whether it's the other 200 homeless in midland, whether they know it or not, they mean the world to us."

Even though some of his friends believed he may not make it at one time, Arthur said he had no plans to stay in the hospital for long.

"Yup, being alive," Bennett said. "Being a live when I come out. Although which I knew I was going to be there anyway because it's like it is. You're in good hands with all state. I'm in good hands with the lord."

The original plan for Arthur was to take him to a rehab center upon release. However, the springboard did not deem him fit enough to attend. From there, Rogers asked for permission to use the almost $6,000 in the GoFundme account for a trailer to put Arthur in.

Now, in his home, he's as safe as he's been in a while and is very thankful for all the help and support the community has given him throughout the process. He also had two things to say, one for the community.

"Keep the beautiful work up, Bennett said. "And give me a job."

Another for the two men he says attacked him on that night behind the grand buffet in midland.

"God loves them," Bennett said. "God loves them. They may be mean, cruel, careless or whatever, but still. God loves them."

Rogers said he plans on helping Arthur with the police report this week. You can follow this link to help out Arthur.

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