Midland man raising money to buy local students school supplies

Midland man raising money to buy local students school supplies

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Despite the rising temperatures and dry forecasts, Raymond Vasquez and his family are spending their days off washing cars and handing out free bibles. All to make sure students don't go without.

"We're just raising money for kids who don't have school uniforms, school supplies," Vasquez said. "Trying to help people out that need it."

Vasquez, who works in crude oil, took off the four Saturdays leading up to the first day of school in Midland to raise money for students in the Permian Basin. 

He and his family have raised more than $800 two Saturdays. They spent at the first one at Loe's Radiator Shop, owned by his father, and the other spent outside the dollar tree off of Midland Drive.

With two more to go, they're beginning to prepare for the last event, free haircuts.

"We're going to have, we've got a friend who's a barber, certified," Vasquez said. "He's got his barber shop and we're getting all this stuff situated. At the end of the deal, which is the Saturday before school starts. We're going to give out free haircuts to the kids who need it and ya'll can stop by anytime."

Vasquez's friend, Nino Rodriquez, is a street preacher. Rodriquez spends some days leaving his red '87 Monte Carlo Super Sport full of bibles to give out for free. He's been helping Vasquez these last few weeks, he says it's all worth it.

"It feels good, it feels great," Rodriquez said. "It's out duty, especially as Christians, we give back. You know, God gave his life for us so all we ca n do is glorify him and give back what we can. It does take time out of our lives and all that but at the same time we need to be doing things like this to help people out and be good Samaritans and what not. It's pretty awesome, feels great."

Vasquez said they will both be out with their group of family and friends, including Nino and his free bibles, for the next two Saturdays

They said they will not discriminate against any kind of donations. If you can't give cash, old clothes, shoes and even old school supplies would be greatly appreciated.

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