Odessa woman gets bit by dog, looking for owners

Odessa woman gets bit by dog, looking for owners

An Odessa resident is looking for the owners of a dog that bit her Wednesday night.

She said it happened around 9 p.m. at the duck pond by Market Street on 42nd Street.

Kelcey Gomez said when their dogs made contact, that was when the other dog started growling at hers.

"I see this little girl holding the collar and she can't hold this 130 pound dog," Gomez said. "So I grabbed my dog and as I turned around, that dog gets me in the back of the leg."

She said the owner told her she will get information but instead took off in her car.

"I heard a girl crying and wailing," said a witness Glenn Juarez. "I told them, 'Hey, you want to call an ambulance?' Because she couldn't get up at that time."

Gomez went to the emergency room where she received a tetanus shot and medication.

"I looked at my hand and I saw nothing but muscle tissue and stuff on it," said Gomez.

In Odessa, city ordinance states all pets must be kept on a leash on public and private property. If they aren't, owners can be cited.

The dog is described as a lab mix with a red collar and no leash.

"I don't think its the dogs fault," said Gomez. "It's the owners fault. I just want her to come forward and pay my bill, which is the biggest thing that's all I want. She should take responsibility for what her dog did."

Gomez is waiting on a local business to show possible surveillance footage of the dog owner. She described the owners are described as two blonde Caucasian girls, possibly 12 and 19. A report was filed to animal control and she said they have been patrolling the area.

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