Fire chief of Midland reminds you, lock it or leave it

Fire chief of Midland reminds you, lock it or leave it

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - From embarrassment to frustration is how the Midland Fire Department is feeling right now after one of their vehicles was recently stolen and then later found in a field.

At around 7 a.m. Tuesday, during shift change, the fire department realized that the Chevrolet 3500 squad truck was missing.

It happened sometime between 12:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. Usually the vehicle is locked and secured with the keys inside the station, but the one time they were left in the truck by accident it was taken, one that has life saving equipment like jaws of life inside.

"More frustrating for us, is that we've lost or don't have access to a lot of our life saving equipment right now," Fire Chief Robert Isbell said. "And anytime that we are slow or something impedes with our ability to deliver service, it really frustrates us. And so our ability to deliver that service is impeded. We've had to move some vehicles around to cover that and we've done so, but we've got a lot of life saving equipment that's on that truck that we use every day."

Chief Isbell says he has heard about these things happening around the country and that it is really is a wake up call when it happens right in his own backyard. Now he just wants to make everyone else aware to secure their vehicles.

"Everyone needs to know their due diligence in locking up their vehicles," Chief Isbell said. "Again it even happens to us. We routinely secure that vehicle every night. The one time we don't we end up losing it so I just encourage everybody to make sure their locking their vehicles."

Approximately 5 hours later the truck was found in east Midland in a field off of Copus St. and east of Fairgrounds Rd.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

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