West Texas BMX puts family fun into extreme sports

West Texas BMX puts family fun into extreme sports

MIDLAND- Tucked away in Reyes-Mashburn-Nelms Park in Midland is West Texas BMX. The track is a non profit volunteer organization that has brought the extreme Olympic sport to the Permian Basin.

As the guys at the track will tell you, once you start riding you are hooked.

"Well I started when I was a kid and i think once that happened, you get the bug and it never leaves you and whenever my son was old enough, we got him on a bike and started racing," West Texas BMX Track Operator Don Davis said.

"My dad introduced me to it when we lived in El Paso," Professional BMX rider Chrystopher Davis said." I was seven and I just loved it so I just kept doing it."

This extreme sport is something everyone can enjoy. Kids as young as two can get on a bike and starting jumping.

Track upkeep and maintenance falls onto volunteers. It's helped build strong family like relationships, but any type of outside help is definitely appreciated.

"Yeah it's hard to maintain the track by yourself so we kind of work together on it, to keep it nice and stuff and it kind of builds family and stuff," Chrystopher Davis said.

"The city's been a big help, we are a non profit so if anyone maybe wants to help us asphalt our corners that would be a huge help," Don Davis said. "When the rains come, it destroys our corners and it takes several days to build them back."

As the spotlight on BMX shines in Rio, this West Texas track is shining just as bright.

To find out more visit the official West Texas BMX page here.

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