Odessa man in police custody after three-hour long standoff

Odessa man in police custody after three-hour long standoff

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - At approximately 8:43 Saturday morning, Odessa Police responded in reference to a wanted subject, Jose Villareal.

Villareal had a parole violation warrant out for owning a gun illegally, a third degree felony. Upon arrival, OPD blocked off the 3700 block of Crestview in Odessa. Villareal then barricaded himself in a home. Although there were no shots fired, OPD SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Teams responded due to the suspects history.

"Well what we do is, we respond to these kind of calls several every day," Corporal Steve LeSueur said. "And if we have information that the subject has a history of being violent or has known to be violent with officers in the past, we don't take any chances. We always utilize the SWAT team. It's better to be safe than sorry."

However, the charges Villareal is facing doesn't stop there. According to a press release from the OPD, Villareal is facing possible charges in reference to as domestic dispute that happened less than 24 hours before the stand off.

OPD says in situations where a stand off is in a neighborhood, its important to stay inside until officials have cleared the area.

"The best thing to do is if you live close by to please stay inside," LeSueur said. "It'll be over sooner or later and we're just asking them to please avoid the area as safety is the most important thing at this time"

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