Odessa hit and run driver caught on cam

Odessa hit and run driver caught on cam

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa police are looking for a driver who rear ended a truck then drove off.

Ramsi Kuhlenschmidt, the man's wife, said she just wants the hit and run driver to come forward and said she believes it's someone who frequents the area.

"I've been there before, I understand good people make bad decisions," said Kuhlenschmidt.

Kuhlenschmidt said her husband's truck got hit and the driver then fled the scene.
In surveillance video you can clearly see the 2015 maroon Ford Fusion driving down Cordova St. near Sherwood Park and Ross Elementary.

The video shows the car come to a jolting stop when it rear ends a truck parked on the street.

A woman appears to be driving, she then calmly backs up and drives away.

Kuhlenschmidt said the street is usually pretty quiet and thinks it's someone who must have a reason to go through the area.

"I think it's somebody in our area, I think she was just on her way to work," said Kuhlenschmidt. "Our neighbors actually saw everything happen and they say they've seen the vehicle before."

Odessa police said the driver is going to be hard to track down without a license plate number.
Kuhlenschmidt said she's been there and has made the same mistake before. If the driver is reading this, she has a message.

"You can just leave your name and number in our mailbox or on our front door. We don't even have to meet face to face. I just think in the moment I can understand where it can be scary that you get into an unexpected wreck and you kind of don't have clear thinking," said Kuhlenschmidt.

Odessa police said the driver can face a citation for fleeing the scene of an accident. Anyone with information should contact Cpl. Waychoff with The Odessa Police Department.

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