Texas man walks across the country all for one cause

Texas man walks across the country all for one cause

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Former military veteran Larry Hinkle is walking thousands of miles from one side of the US to the other.

"I am walking across the country from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to Camp Pendleton, California," said Hinkle.

And he's doing it all for one reason.

"I'm serving veterans and first responders along the way."

He said as he was passing through Texas, he heard about Chris Kyle's statue memorial and decided to stick around the Permian Basin to show his support to the fallen navy seal.

"I know what we face when we get back in our heads and in our hearts, it's so fitting to be here honoring Chris Kyle because he led that push," said Hinkle. "He was the tip of the spear in that."

Larry started his walking journey on April 3 of this year in honor of a first sergeant he served with who was killed in Iraq. He said another friend of his lost his life to suicide, since then, Larry says he's not stopping and will show to all veterans out there that there's hope when they come home.

"Turn it into fire and a passion to serve your brothers and sisters than using it for depression. I used to do that and I got nowhere. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life."

He said in doing all this, he has one message to military service members and first responders.

"If you've served or currently serving, know that your family exists and that non-profit like this exists for you. if you haven't served, know it doesn't cost a dime to go to your local police department, hug their necks and tell them what your service means to you."

To follow up with Larry's journey, you can follow him on Facebook on Phase Line Organization or visit the website.

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