Caught on Cam: Man robs Star Envios

Caught on Cam: Man robs Star Envios

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Crime Stoppers are working to track down a suspected robber.

Police say he hit Star Envios on South Crane Avenue, pulling a gun on the clerks, all before making off with some cash.

"He has the gun down in his waistband and you can see him pull out a pretty good size pistol," said Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers. "He actually walks into one of the back rooms with the clerk. There's a camera back there and they get good video from there as well."

Once arrested, the suspect will be charged with robbery.

"It happened in the middle of the day, right after lunch," Rogers said. "So somebody may have seen him coming or going. If you were in that area at the time, you may have seen a vehicle he got in or the way he left, so we hope someone picks that up and gives us a call."

If you have any information on who this man is, give Odessa Crime Stoppers a call at (432) 333-TIPS.

You will remain anonymous and could land yourself a cash reward.

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