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Woman claims toy sexually assaulted her

(Source: WTVF/ CNN) (Source: WTVF/ CNN)

A woman said she was sexually assaulted when a toy squirted water on her face.

While dining with her family at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the woman said the unusual toy sprayed her in the face. The toy looks like a boy, and when its toy pants are lowered, it looks like the figure is urinating.

"It peed on me, basically," Isabelle Lassiter said.

Lassiter and her husband were visiting Tennessee from Texas. They said they were horrified when the hibachi chef sprayed water from the toy on her.

"In front of our minor children and grandchildren," her husband, James Lassiter, added.

They were so upset, they called police and cited assault. 

"It was sexual assault on my wife," James Lassiter said.

Police noted the toy wasn't anatomically correct, but the Lassiters said that doesn't matter.

"Just because somebody cut off a piece of plastic--OK it's not there anymore--doesn't change the fact that you're getting peed on," James Lassiter added.

Johnny Huang, Wasabi's general manager, said he apologized to the family and has never had complaints about the toy before. Still, he said his staff will now ask customers before showing more of the toy again.

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