Group says dog was 'wrongly' euthanized, city of Big Spring doesn't allow for public comments

Group says dog was 'wrongly' euthanized, city of Big Spring doesn't allow for public comments

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Emotions ran wild at Tuesday night's city council meeting in Big Spring. Many attended to talk about their uneasy feelings with the animal shelter. Turns out that didn't matter, they weren't given the chance to speak.

Many were hurt, frustrated and tears were even shed. A group of about 20 wanted to talk about a dog that was euthanized but weren't given a time for public comments.

"I'm starting to wonder if the city of Big Spring enjoys killing dogs and cats," said Kristen Partee, a member of the board of directors on the Happy Day Humane Society.

That was the reaction many had after they showed up to Big Spring's city council meeting ready to be heard but weren't given the chance to speak.

"There were a couple of windows tonight where it could have happened," said Partee. "That was during the city manager's moment where he could address public concerns, so we saw that window go by and nothing was said. Most of them tried to not even turn around and acknowledge us."

After the meeting Mayor Larry McLellan said the time for public comments are regulated very intently. He said if everyone was allowed to speak the meetings would run too long. However, he said the comments are still honored if there is a topic already on the agenda citizens would like to talk about.

Partee said the putting down Lucy reminded them how 'broken' the system is and would like to see it updated.

"About 20 of us or so that came to recognize Lucy, who was a dog we believe was wrongly euthanized about three weeks ago," said Partee. "We are waiting for the city to own up to it, to acknowledge that she didn't need to die."

Partee said the euthanizing Lucy was wrong because she was an adoptable pet, euthanized on a day euthanizations don't usually happen. McLellan said Lucy had been in the shelter longer than the allowed time and no one made an effort to adopt her.

Partee said the group wants a chance to talk to the council and get the answers their taxpaying dollars deserve.

"They could have taken a chance to say 'Hey we see you're in the room, we see that you care. We're working for you,'" said Partee. "Let's move forward, let's think of good solutions. isn't that what their very positions are for?"

The group says they will keep attending the meetings until they are acknowledged.

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