District Four councilman files for re-election

District Four councilman files for re-election

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The road to another term began on Tuesday at a press conference outside City Hall where Lacy officially announced his plans to run for re-election. In his speech, he mentioned the steps Midland has taken so far but wants to see the plans he has for the city come to fruition in what he hopes is another three year term.

J Ross Lacy, District Four Councilman said, "I've still got some unfinished business. I need We've got areas we need to address and we need to keep the leadership in place so we can continue to move forward."

Under Lacy's watch, there was the growth of the Scharbauer Sports Complex and improvements to the city which include nine new hotels. Planned projects on roads in the city such as the Wadley extension and phase two and three on Briarwood are coming down the pike. Lacy said the growth of the spaceport in Midland is also a major reason for him wanting to run again.

"There's a renewed push in the state of Texas to be the leader in the aerospace industry. It's going to require us to take companies from California, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, and from all the states around to show them Texas and Midland, Texas is open for business and we want yours," said Lacy.

Talk about the city's tax and budget plans also has the attention of Lacy and city council.

"There's 1100 employees in the city of Midland. We've got about 140,000 to 150,000 people. People still want their water to turn on when they turn their faucet. People still want their trash picked up, they still want the police to come, the fire department to come. It takes a lot to run a city but you can do it fiscally responsible," said Lacy.

Lacy says he would like to see the tax rates stay the same and one way could be taking a second look at the 4B tax as a possible solution. Right now Lacy is the first to file for the position of District Four councilman on the November ballot.

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