Rain showers return to the Basin

Rain showers return to the Basin

Looks like cooler weather will continue to dominate our region for the next few days. This is because a weak inverted trough will get trapped between two subtropical ridges. Also, a low on the border of Mexico and Texas continues to push off to the East.

Because of this, we will see the chance of rain showers all day today and tomorrow. These showers will impact the basin between 3-7.

With the heating and the sun during the day, this will help fuel some of these storms.

Not expecting severe weather due to the lack of convection. With the lows spinning off on the border , this will continue to bring the chance of showers for the rest of the week with temperatures staying below the triple digits.

Not everyone will see rain, but still pack the umbrella. The showers will be very scattered.

Midland and Odessa looks to stay dry. We will continue to keep you updated on all the changing weather conditions.

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