Congressman Mike Conaway speaks on possible changes if Trump is elected

Congressman Mike Conaway speaks on possible changes if Trump is elected
Congressman Mike Conaway (Source: Twitter)

(KWES) - With the presidential elections neck-and-neck, Republican Congressman Mike Conaway spoke about the potential changes that may occur if Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, takes office.

"At the end of the day, I'm backing him fully as you expect," said Conaway.

He said getting a Republican in office and working the appointments of the Supreme Court is crucial for change.

"They serve a whole lot longer than presidents do and their decisions last in many instances, forever."

Obama's issues on tax reform, healthcare reform, poverty and upward mobility reform are examples of what the Republican Party wants to fix.

"For eight years, we've not had a chance to have a full conversation because the President was 180 degrees where House Republicans wanted to be," said Conaway.

He said with Texas playing a role in providing resources for the U.S., the state's responsibility in spending its tax dollars on border security must be handed over to the federal government.

"Having the feds do the proper job of the border would free up resources that Texas can redeploy to education and all the things that states are supposed to do that."

With Trump's energy plans, the prices for crude oil may start to rise.

"Getting the world economy going, getting the U.S. economy going, which is another plank Trump would want to try to do is increase the demand for energy."

Meaning jobs in Texas may also increase, too.

"The industry would react to those higher prices as their business picks up. They'll begin to add people back to their team and those jobs will become available and people will go back to work."

In the next couple of months, Conaway hopes Trump will speak more on how he will begin to make change with his policy standpoints.

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