11-year-old able to see thanks to the community

11-year-old able to see thanks to the community

Jacob Montoya was born with a condition called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, which means his optic nerve doesn't transmit a signal very well from his brain to his eyes.

Before everything had to be two inches from his face to be seen and he only saw shadows and movement, but now he's seeing a new life through two black lenses. Tuesday will mark one full week since Montoya has had his glasses.

He knew his family was getting together for a surprise gathering, but he wasn't sure what the surprise would be.

"Well they didn't jump out and say surprise," Montoya said. "I mean everyone walked in and then my dad just put these on me so that's how I was surprised. And I got to see my family for the first time, it was the best moment of my life."

Family he couldn't recognize that well but could finally see.

He can now see for about six to eight hours before it needs to be charged.

He can zoom in and out and also take pictures with these glasses.

The state-of-the-art glasses cost $15,000 and it's all thanks to a GoFundMe page people from all over donated and made it possible to have these glasses on his face now.

"Thank you for help donating or for help getting me these glasses," Montoya said. "It's been a huge help and I hope that Jesus returns the favor to you. To you and everyone that helped that can't see."

He now has seen ice cream, pizza and mountains for the first time and is more excited than ever to see tornados in the future and visit Mr. Gatti's for some arcade games.

The glasses can't fix those who are completely blind, but Montoya said he hopes to invent some that do.

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