Midland Police Department searching for body camera vendors

Midland Police Department searching for body camera vendors

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Tensions have risen between police and the community more than ever with tragedies happening across the nation. Midland Police Chief Price Robinson says it's these tragedies that make body cameras a necessity.

"This makes good sense for the Midland Police Department and for city of Midland and for the relationship between the department and the residents," said Robinson.

Robinson said he wants to equip his officers with the cameras to hold them accountable and remain transparent.

The department started their research on body cameras nearly a year and a half ago. Earlier this year, the department applied for a grant with the governor's office. The department was approved for $133,000. The city must match the grant by 25 percent.

Residents say it's a price to pay for safety.

"I think it's worth it for their safety and the safety of the community," said Stacy King.

"Do you think it's worth it? The price tag?" we asked.

"I do. I think they need to be protected," said resident Levi Hastey.

Others say the cameras will answer a lot of questions in he said-she said situations.

"It keeps everybody honest," said Cesar Herrera. "It protects everybody. Can't lie on camera."

Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., the Midland City Council will decide if the department can reach out to body camera companies for proposals.

"The department will want to test their equipment and then hopefully from that, we will be able to come up with a successful vendor," said Robinson.

Robinson said he is hoping his department will be equipped with the cameras by October 2016. The system will include body cameras, management software, storage and a maintenance and storage plan.

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