Homeless man who was clinging to life, now on road to recovery.

Homeless man who was clinging to life, now on road to recovery.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For three years, Arthur Bennett, or "King Arthur" as he calls himself, has attended church under the bridge in Midland. When he didn't show up recently, founder Evan Rogers and other members knew something was wrong.

But what they didn't know is their friend was laying in an alley, clinging for his life.

A member of the church found King Arthur, laying in the alley behind the Grand Buffet in Midland off Andrews Highway. When they spotted him, he was crouched over with four broken ribs, a black eye and could hardly breath, but still didn't want to go to the ER.

Evan Rogers said King Arthur told him he was beaten by one man, but can't give more information because he is legally blind and it was late at night. They were able to get him to go however, and probably just in the nick of time.

"Once we went there we realized he had four broken ribs," Rogers said. "They got his face pretty good. This guy stands 4'11'', 103 pounds, so he's a little guy. Once he was in the hospital his vitals started going down. If you would've asked me Sunday or Monday of last week how he was doing I would've said, he's probably not going to make it."

Rogers said he doesn't understand why someone would do something like this to King Arthur, because he's not like that himself. In fact, he said Arthur is a main staple at the church.

"Not that we have a face of the organization, but if we did have somebody on the streets, it'd be Arthur," Rogers said. "When he introduces himself to people he says I'm not Arthur, I'm King Arthur. So he kind of gave himself a nickname and everyone has gone with it. Everybody knows who he is. Not just people on the streets, a lot of our volunteers, people in the community have gotten to know Arthur."

King Arthur told his friends he didn't have any minutes remaining on his cell phone so couldn't call for help, instead hoping for someone to find him. He is currently at Midland Memorial Hospital.

Rogers has set up a go fund me account for King Arthur to help pay for his recovery and get him in a facility when he leaves the hospital. You can find that account here.

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