Middle schooler selling lemonade to buy school supplies

Middle schooler selling lemonade to buy school supplies

A lemonade stand in Midland is getting a lot of attention.

For the past month, Tashawn Hazelwood has been selling lemonade on the corner of Shady Lane Drive and West Illinois.

He said he's selling the lemonade to help his grandmother so he can buy his own school supplies when he goes back to Florida in a few weeks.

"That's my number one priority because I just want to help her out and buy my own school supplies and school clothes so she saves a little extra money," said Hazelwood.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - His hard work hadn't gone unnoticed.

Joe Szaloy, a member of Oilfield's 8-4 Riding Group said, "He's a twelve year old kid and he's out there earning money for himself anyway he can. A lot of kids don't do that, they would rather sit outside in the air conditioner than sit outside in the heat."

After seeing Tashawn, Szaloy said he and some riders in his group from both Midland and Odessa plan on meeting Saturday and riding over to his stand and donating an awning along with an ice chest, and lemonade mix.

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