Meeting held to discuss proposed plan

Meeting held to discuss proposed plan

ANDREWS COUNTY, TX (KWES) - On Tuesday, members of the Andrews County community came together to get questions answered on how they plan to inform the public on the proposed budget to consolidate each precincts roads and equipment.

In the proposal, made by outgoing Precinct 1 Commissioner Barney Fowler he offered hiring an experienced engineer to oversee all the precincts cutting down duplicated equipment. Jobs won't be lost and money will be saved but some didn't agree.

Jeneane Anderegg, County Commissioner for Precinct 3 said, "If you're not cutting salaries, not cutting employees, you're not selling buildings, and you're not selling any of the equipment and then hiring an engineer and a secretary how do you save money? To me it's not a very logical plan."

Residents were most concerned if the duplicate equipment were to be taken away what happens if a there is a time where more equipment is needed. It's a question many wanted answered especially after what happened to the county a few years ago.

"In 2010-2011, we were surrounded by fires. We used everyone of our maintainers, all of our water trucks, and most of our loaders. If that was some of the equipment they would decided to get rid of it could be very detrimental to our community," said Anderegg.

Anderegg added there aren't any plans for a big road project next year and residents hope this meeting is a step in direction to keep things the way they are.

Brenda Gray, a resident of Andrews said, "I grew up with the county system, we have the best in the state."

Members at the meeting said the next step is to make fliers, go door knocking and possibly meet again to the discuss the issue.3

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