WEATHER: Safety tips to beat the heat

WEATHER: Safety tips to beat the heat

Though West Texas is accustomed to the heat, it is still important to stay prepared for the heat for the next couple of months. The StormTracker9 weather team is expecting the temperatures to return into the triple digits again this weekend. Some areas are expected to hit that century mark today with everyone else in the upper 90's. NO rain is expected to be in the forecast until Monday. This can cause very dry conditions for West Texas with the possibility of fire dangers in some areas.

Some great safety tips include:

Drinking plenty of fluids - Increase your fluid intake, no matter what your activity level. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water. Drink 8 ounces of water every half hour. Also, avoid very cold drinks because they can cause stomach cramps.

Replace salts in your body - Heavy sweating will remove salt and other minerals from your body. Salts are necessary for your body and must be replaced. A sports beverage ( Power-aid and Gatorade) can replace the salt and minerals needed in your body.

Wear appropriate clothing - Try to wear as little clothing as possible while applying sunscreen to the exposed skin. Choose lightweight, light-colored and loose fitting clothing to wear outdoors. When the skin burns ... it affects the body's ability to cool itself and cause a greater loss of body fluids.

Schedule outdoor activities at proper times - If you are going to be outdoors, try to limit the outdoor activity in the morning or later in the night. Try to rest in the shade so that your body can have a chance to cool.

Pace yourself - Many of us here across West Texas is accustomed to working outdoors in the hot environment, start slowly and gradually pick up the pace later in the day.

Stay cool indoors - Try to stay inside in the air-conditioned place. If your home doesn't have air ... try going to a shopping mall between 3-7 when it will be the warmest. Also, check in on the elderly as often as possible. They are at the highest risk when it comes to heat related injuries.

Using common sense - Try to drink plenty of fluids and replace your electrolytes. Avoid hot foods and heavy meals - they add hear to your body. Dress infants and children in cool, loose clothing and shade their hears and faces. DO NOT leave kids or pets in a parked car. Please also provide plenty of fresh water for your pets.

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