Officer appreciation breakfast held in Odessa

Officer appreciation breakfast held in Odessa
(Source: KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It was a great start to the day as dozens of law enforcement officers came out for an officer appreciation breakfast.

The event was sponsored by the La Margarita Restaurant and held at their grounds in Odessa.

It kicked off with a blessing from St. Anthony's priest and the owner of La Margarita gave officers an Archangel as a sign of protection.

The Mayor of Odessa and police chief gave the officers words of encouragement.

The chief said it's a refreshing feeling to see the community doing something nice for the law enforcement departments.

"it's very important for the men and women who work  for the police or anywhere in law enforcement to feel as though their efforts are being recognized and feel appreciated by the people that they serve," said Timothy Burton, Chief of the Odessa Police Department.

The owner of La Margarita says it was an honor to give back to the officers.

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