City of Odessa holds forum addressing community concerns

City of Odessa holds forum addressing community concerns

Members of the community came together Tuesday night in Odessa to express their feelings after the deadly officer involved shootings the past few weeks.
Odessa city officials were at the forum to listen to the concerns.

Many community members said they don't feel safe, others just wanted to be heard.

"We understand that you have a hard job on your hands," said a resident of Odessa. "All we want is for you to give us the solution to what you're going to do."

Many were brave enough to step up the mic, concerns included how our community would move on from the recent losses of police officers and others who were killed by them.

"The response of our world was not the same response when the police officers were killed," said Odessa resident, Rene Morris. "Was the value of the man higher because he was wearing a blue uniform and was the devaluing of a person because they had brown skin?"

Officials listened and answered questions. It was decided that the tension some have with law enforcement would have to come to an end. How it's going to be done, is still up for question.

Odessa Police Department Chief, Timothy Burton read their mission statement and reinforced the importance of law enforcement working for the community.

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