Midland Chuck E. Cheese's could soon serve alcohol

Midland Chuck E. Cheese's could soon serve alcohol

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Mixed emotions from local parents hearing that Chuck E Cheese's could soon serve alcohol, but the Midland Planning and Zoning Commission says it isn't uncommon for this franchise. In fact, 70 percent of locations currently serve alcohol.

It's known as the place were a kid can be a kid, but soon local parents may be having some fun of their own.

"A little bit of fun for the kids, a little bit of fun for the adults. Just do it in a responsible manner,"said Denise Velasquez.

Velasquez is from El Paso. She says the Chuck E. Cheese's there has always served alcohol and there was never any problems.

"We've had nothing but good experiences at Chuck E. Cheese's, but that's always a concern," Velasquez added.

On Monday, the city of Midland Planning and Zoning Commission approved the specific use permit. The permit will allow alcohol to be served and consumed on the property.

"The staff reviews it and then makes a recommendation to planning and zoning and city council," said Development Services Director Chuck Harrington

Many viewers reached out to NewsWest 9 with their concerns.

One person said, "This place was meant for kids, not adults. Alcohol has no place there."

Another person added, "It's not a Dave and Buster's."

The commission cannot deny an application if the business meets the requirements. The final say will come from city council.

"I know there's a lot of people that are concerned about it and certainly I can understand their feelings. It's just from our stand point, we don't have any say in the kind of things they are interested in," said Harrington.

The item will go in front of city council on July 26 for approval. It will need to be approved twice for the permit to go into affect.

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