Businesses in the Permian Basin support Pokemon Go app

Businesses in the Permian Basin support Pokemon Go app

The Pokemon Go app is reaching the hands of supporters from businesses in the Permian Basin.

"It's kind of like a scavenger hunt kind of thing. Gets me out of the house," said Pokemon Go player Logan Moon.

The app is a location-based augmented reality app, meaning certain places in real life will have the virtual creatures called Pokemon appear on your screen.

"Pretty much what I see on here is downtown is the real main spot like the library or YMCA pond," said Moon.

Public places like the Midland Centennial Library have set up the area to attract more players.

"On Saturday, we had an event where we dropped a lure, so that meant we attracted more Pokemon to the area," said library clerk Hannah Wade.

They say the app has opened doors to more library visitors from people who typically don't visit the library.

"It has an appeal to two, three generations so we have a lot of people coming in who wouldn't come in to the library normally or who hadn't been to the library before," said Wade. "They come to get some Pokemon and then they look around."

Businesses like the MCM Grande FunDome hotel in Odessa are also Pokemon Go supporters. They said visitors who come by to pick up Pokemon using their phone help them gain more traffic, even if they're not hotel guests.

"If they come in, it's most likely they're going to see everything we have to offer," said Amanda Adams with the MCM Grande FunDome hotel. "They may not stop that day but we think if they come in and see everything we have, then they'll see how nice we have it in here, they'll eventually come back to see us."

They said since the app launched, they've been seeing people either walk outside or sometimes inside the hotel as they're playing the game. The hotel is a Pokemon gym, meaning its a hot spot for players to battle each others' Pokemon.

The Odessa Police Department said there's been a spike in suspicious person calls since the app launched. If you're playing the game, be aware of your surroundings when you're on private property since it's up to property owners to decide whether they want to call police for criminal trespassing. They said if you're playing the game, stay in public areas.

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