Odessa business set to raise large Texas flag

Odessa business set to raise large Texas flag

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Paul Evans Carpet and Flooring will put up the largest Texas flag in the Odessa area on Tuesday and it's huge.

The business has been in Odessa for more than 28 years. After providing the Odessa area with flooring and carpeting for the nearly three decades, president Jeff Russell decided to make a big change.

His company will be raising the giant Texas flag to show its pride in the state and support for the Downtown Odessa Revitalization Project.

"We thought having a Texas-sized flag would be a great way to draw additional attention down here and a way to kind of show that we're very proud to be a downtown Odessa merchant and proud to be Texan," said Russell.

The flag measures out to be 30 feet by 50 feet, bigger than some mobile homes. All 1,500 square feet of Texas Pride is held up by a pole that stands at around 100 feet tall, easily visible behind the store.

Russell said the decision to make the flag so big was easy, he wanted to make a statement.

"We wanted to do something uniquely ours and we thought the Texas flag was a great way to do that,"  said Russell. "We really wanted to do something Texas-sized and that's why we went with as large a flag as we did. We really wanted it to kind of be a landmark for Downtown Odessa."

The ceremony is Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. and is expected to last for about 30 minutes, ending with Boy Scout Troop 777 reciting the state pledge. The ceremony will feature local leaders, clergy, businessmen and citizens of Odessa.

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