Fire consumes west Odessa home, 12 struggle

Fire consumes west Odessa home, 12 struggle

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Alicia Sandoval is only seven years old, in need of heart surgery and is one of 12 people living in RV's after their home burned down recently. But that isn't keeping her from trying to stay strong.

Last Friday, Maribel Guevara and her family lost their homes. Although no one was hurt, the home was completely destroyed. Roof torn up, trash thrown everywhere, and toys partially melted or burnt. Now, they've moved to a temporary home.

"Right now we're living in RV's that they let us borrow, businesses let us borrow RV's," Guevara said. "That's where we're staying for now, till we, they just gave us a little bit of time until we find something. We can not."

Guevara said family members have been trying to help out by fundraising to help get the families back in a home. However, she says her daughter, who will be getting heart surgery in a month, is a higher priority for her.

"But my other priority is my daughters life," Guevara said. "Which, we're having difficulties right now but my daughters life, it's every thing. That's my main priority, my daughters life, and maybe I'm wrong but in one hand is my daughter and in the other, other kids, yes, but my daughters life, it's everything for me."

Her sister, Barbara Tarango, said it's hard to keep it together all the time in front of the kids. She also said she's noticed it wear on her and Maribel.

"She's just stressing out like more than she did before," said Tarango. "It's hard to see her like that. We have to talk like sisters. We can't put the kids away and talk. The kids do see us crying, they do see us and they wonder what are we crying about. They don't fully grasp what's going on."

The family doesn't know what's going to happen next but they have a symbol of hope, Alicia, the girl who is need of heart surgery.

The family will be holding more fundraisers to help go toward replacing their home and getting Alicia to Albuquerque in coming weeks. You can find the link to the Go Fund Me page here.

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