New road set to open causing issues for residents

New road set to open causing issues for residents

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Sherrie Evarrt and her family are still cleaning up the damage done by flooding which she says came from the new Reliever Route in Big Spring. She said the recent flooding has brought one problem after another.

"This whole area here was all water, it was up passed my knees. It was up passed the tires on the cars. It moved everything in the yard up into our house. There are horses across the street so I had horse manure literally in my house from it being washed in," said Evartt.

The damage to the home was visible. She said there is still a part of the driveway she can't get out of and even the kayaks their family owned washed away. More importantly, she said their family is worried about potential health issues.

"Right now we are worried about black mold being in the house. I've got six kids and we can't have that growing in the house, we're all going to be sick," said Evarrt.

Marybell Turner, Public Information Officer for the TxDot Abilene District said construction on the new road has been going on since 2014 and any project done by TxDot has input from the community.

"Anytime a road is built or modified, there is a lot of engineering design, a lot of research to evaluate the photography of the land to see what they are looking at," said Turner.

New road or not, Evarrt added this is something her family hopes they don't have to deal with every time the weather is bad.

"I work. My husband works we got six kids and now we are having to clean up water making sure that water doesn't come into our house every time it storms," said Evarrt.

Evartt said they are figuring out what to do with their home. Turner added TxDot is working with the residents in the area to come up with a solution and encourage anyone who may have issues with drainage or construction to call their local TxDot representative.

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