Elderly Andrews woman rejected for door mail delivery

Elderly Andrews woman rejected for door mail delivery

Nancy Helvey, 78, has had her mail delivered to her door for the past 4 years in Andrews. She says it's not the walk to the mailbox that's the problem, it's the uneven pavement that poses a risk of falling.

"It's getting up the incline here to get to the cluster that I can't handle and I'm afraid I'll fall," said Helvey.

Helvey has lived in Andrews for more than 50 years. She says she hasn't had so many problems with her mail until just recently. Two days ago she was going through her mail when she found a letter from the post office.

"I got a notice in my mailbox that I need to fill this out, so they could decide whether they would continue to deliver my mail or if I would have to come down here to the cluster," said Helvey.

Nancy immediately got a doctor's note and brought it to the post office. She's fallen many times before, in her yard and in her home. She says the sidewalk near the mailbox is a safety hazard because she has balance issues.

"I can't get my mail in the winter time at all. I actually climbed up this thing one winter. There was some snow. I got up, but I couldn't get down," Helvey added.

After talking with the recently re-instated postmaster, Yolanda Bradley, she declined Nancy's request to have her mail delivered to her door because of cutbacks.

We reached out to the postmaster to get some answers, but when asked to give a statement, we were hung up on. We called back a minute later and were told she was not in the office.

Helvey says she is worried that other elderly people may be having the same problem.

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