Midland neighborhood fed up with constant power outages

Midland neighborhood fed up with constant power outages

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Constant power outages in several Midland neighborhoods have residents looking for answers.

Some residents of one neighborhood said the outages happen as often as once a day, in this sweltering heat.

Wednesday alone neighbors in Legends Park experienced two outages, the night before the majority of them were left without power for several hours. 
Oncor tells us it's all part of projects they have underway.

"I'm sure they're doing something but it certainly doesn't feel like it and we're not seeing any results," said homeowner Shaler Tate.

Residents in the Legends Park subdivision said power outages are common. They know it's going to happen,they just don't know when but it seems to happen at the most inconvenient times.

"Last night for instance was my wife's birthday," said Tate. "We had planned to have a nice dinner at home, I was going to cook and we were just going to relax as I was in the middle of cooking, the power went out and was out all night."

Tate said his air conditioner was fried after several outages. He's filed a claim with Oncor and has not heard back.

Vanessa Sweet moved to Midland about a month ago, she said she loves the neighborhood but the outages are discouraging.

"Our power has gone out right when it's the hottest and our house gets very warm, very fast," said Sweet. "I have three kids, one of them is tiny. She doesn't understand how to cool off or to go outside and play. It's highly frustrating."

The outages have started to affect other nearby subdivisions as well.

Oncor said the outages are traced back to projects. The one completed Tuesday night was off-site.

"It's going to benefit not only that surgical center but it will allows additional switching and picking up of loads of several directions for that entire area," said Oncor representative, Sue Mercer.

Oncor said they cannot guarantee uninterrupted service. Customers said they want more stability.

"I'd like Oncor to fix the problem, give us more consistent power out here," said homeowner, Bill Anderson. "They say they're trying to fix it. They posted last night they fixed it and it wouldn't happen again and today, the power was off and on."

Oncor said they are continuing to evaluate any problems that might come up from these projects and every power outage should be reported.

Oncor said outages are more likely to happen during severe weather.

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