Prayer service for love and peace held in Midland

Prayer service for love and peace held in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - At Wednesday night's prayer service for love and peace, everyone in attendance heard scriptures from the bible and sang songs, as they did their best to figure out how to move forward from the tragedies of the last few weeks.

Judge Robert Junell, of the US District Court said, "I think everybody is wondering where we are right now and what are we doing, this is the sort of thing we need where we can come together."

Judge Junell was one of the select few who spoke at the service which included words from Midland's District Two City Councilman John Love and other pastors throughout the city. The one poignant moment during the service was when a member of the Midland Police Department and an African-American teen came together to read part of a scripture together.

Deputy Chief Jeff Darr, of the Midland Police Department said, "I was very happy to come. I'm very happy the community is embracing law enforcement at this particular time."

As the nearly hour and a half long service came to a close, everyone exited the church much closer than far apart.

"I really appreciated when Pastor Hale said when he said we and not they and I think we as a nation can to a lot of great things together," said Darr.

"I needed this. This is good for me to get my spirits back up again," said Junell.

Pastor Bill Johnson referenced the Declaration of Independence during the service when he said all men are created equal.

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